The window of acceptable sheet resistance is shrinking with each technology node resulting in increasingly more rigorous standards for scale and accuracy of metrology tools. The shortcomings of traditional types of 4-point probes are becoming more and more evident. By developing the microRSP, a unique tool for measuring the sheet resistance of conducting films, hereunder ultra-shallow junctions (USJ’s), CAPRES A/S has responded to the growing need for reliable sheet resistance measurements on micro scale.


The semi-automatic microRSP-M300 by CAPRES A/S is a unique R&D tool for sheet resistance measurements of conductive surfaces in micro scale. Like the automatic microRSP by CAPRES A/S the semi-automatic microRSP makes use of the micro 4 point probe characterised by having a probe pitch of 1000 times smaller pin spacing/pitch than that of conventional probes.


This narrow design allows the microRSP to uncover significant thin film characteristics of determining factor in relation to properties and functionality of thin films and products.


The microRSP-M300 is a state of the art tool with regard to key process parameters such as high rate of throughput, reliable and reproducible measurements, simple and intuitive user interface, low cost of ownership and high machine uptime secured by easy and efficient productive maintenance procedures.


Beyond this, the semi-automatic microRSP-M300 from CAPRES A/S offers a whole range of unprecedented capabilities and advantages that are truly revolutionary compared yesterday’s sheet resistance measurement technology. With the following features, unique to semiconductor fabrication, the semi-automatic microRSP-M300 from CAPRES A/S has set the new standard for automatic measurements of sheet resistance for present and coming technology nodes:

  • Accurate and reliable sheet resistance measurements on samples from 10 mm to 300 mm wafers
  • Micro scale resolution revealing microscopic process artefacts related to advanced chip making
  • Non-destructive measurements of thin film samples
  • High throughput, maximum machine uptime and sustained process capability through tool life cycle by simple productive maintenance measures

The microRSP-M300 comes with motorized 300 mm X-Y stages ensuring automated full wafer map¬ping. Automatic probe landing and autofocus camera are just some of the basic features of the platforms.



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