Auto-extraction of MR and RA


Measurements that used to require days of sample preparation are now performed within minutes using the CIPTech tool.


The CIPTech-M300 metrology tool measures Magneto-resistance and Tunnelling Resistance (MR & RA) directly on blanket Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) stacks in regimes relevant for MRAM, STTRAM, and magnetic read head applications.


CIPTech utilizes IBM and Infineon Technologies proprietary Current In-Plane Tunnelling (CIPT) licensed from IBM.


CIPTech offers an unprecedented measurement speed arising from the ability of determining MR and RA on un-patterned, blanket tunnel junction stacks, and offers radical cost and time-savings over previous techniques.


CIPTech combines CIPT with CAPRES proprietary nano-MEMS probing technology, enabling non-destructive measurement of MTJ properties. The MTJ surface is probed by direct electri­cal multi-point contacts, using a novel multi-point probe with twelve microscopic cantilever electrodes.


The CIPTech tools are used to automatically extract MR & RA directly from the CAPRES multi-point probe measurements.


With more than 50 tools installed and 10 years of experience, we are now presenting new additions for the CIPTech platforms


CIPTech comes with motorized 300 mm X-Y stages ensuring automated full wafer map­ping in horizontal as well as perpendicular modes without the need for change in wafer orientation. Automatic probe landing and autofocus camera are just some of the basic features of the platforms


CIPTech platform can be equipped with new both perpendicular (out of plane) and horizontal (in plane) magnets with embedded Hall sensor ensuring repeatable long term magnetic field control. Switching between perpendicular and horizontal modes is easily done using a unique permanent based magnet sliding head


Available Magnets for CIPTech-M200 and M300 are:

  • +/- 150 mT in plane
  • +/- 300 mT and +/- 600 mT perpendicular

Carbon footprint is minimized by using permanent magnet, without water-cooling.


Accurate and reliable sheet resistance measurements of 300 mm wafers.


CAPRES’ CIPTech-M300 include all the unique features of our microRSP technology, a unique technology for measuring the sheet resistance of conducting films, hereunder ultra-shallow junctions (USJ’s). The unique micro scale resolution reveals microscopic process artefacts related to advanced chip making.



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