The ultra-shallow junctions in electronics are becoming thinner and III-V material have entered the manufacturing process. For electronic devices, mobility is everything.


With the microHALL-A300 tool from CAPRES A/S you no longer have to prepare special coupon size samples with soldered leads to test Hall mobility. You can now measure directly on product wafers or cleaved monitor wafers, you can measure the mobility, the active carrier density and the sheet resistance on product wafers right after the first implant-anneal stage. This will give you crucial feedback and help you improve yield.


The microHALL-A300 is a state of the art tool with regard to key production and process parameters such as high rate of throughput, reliable and reproducible measurements, simple and intuitive user interface, low cost of ownership and high machine uptime secured by easy and efficient productive maintenance procedures.       


Beyond this, the fully automatic microHALL-A300 from CAPRES A/S offers a whole range of unprecedented capabilities and advantages that are truly revolutionary compared yesterday’s Hall Mobility measurement technology. With the following features, unique to semiconductor fabrication, the automatic microHALL-A300 from CAPRES A/S has set the new standard for automatic measurements of Hall mobility and active carrier density in the fabs for present and coming technology nodes:

  • Accurate and reliable mobility, active carrier density, and sheet resistance measurements of 300 mm (200 mm optional) wafers for advanced chip makers
  • Micro scale resolution revealing microscopic process artifacts related to advanced chip making
  • High throughput, maximum machine uptime and sustained process capability through tool life cycle by simple productive maintenance measures
  • Non-destructive measurements on product wafers leading to large cost savings
  • General purpose user interface (SEMI E95 compliant)



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