M12PP Microscopic Probes



CAPRES M12PP Microscopic Twelve-Point Probes are specialized versions of the CAPRES Micro Multi-Point Probes. By using a dedicated 12-by-4 multiplexer, a total of 495 different pin-configurations can be obtained, each with different probe pitch. This is utilized in e.g. the CIPTech, where 8 or more combinations are used to obtain a “depth profiling” of the measured structures.
The M12PP is currently available in 3 different designs: The narrow-design M12PP_004 targeted for low-RA (magnetic read-heads with RA down to or below 1 Ωµm2), the standard-design M12PP_007 for RA in the range 10 Ωµm2 to 1 kΩµm2), and the wide-design M12PP_005 for RA values higher than 1 kΩµm2) (see Application Note - Selecting the right probe type for further details).
CAPRES’ next-generation M12PP comprises a novel mono-cantilever design, combining UV- and E-beam lithography. With this groundbreaking design, probe pitch down to 250nm is being realized. This probe is specifically targeted for tomorrow’s ultra low-RA TMR read-heads, with RA-values below 1 Ωµm2).

CAPRES is also developing customized probes and probing techniques to solve customer specific measurement problems. We are able to make multi-point probes with electrode pitch down to 1.5 microns.







M12PP - N12PP 
Application Note - Handling of Microscopic Multi-Point Probes
Application Note - Selecting the right probe type


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